Holiday Club 2021: Wonder Zone

Discovering God's Wonderful World

We had a wonderful week learning about God's world - the fun of discovery, our wonderful universe, all about light and meeting some bugs! Fifteen children joined us for activities and crafts, drama, experiments and song, and another eleven were given holiday club activity bags.

WonderZone WonderZone WonderZone

Please visit our YouTube Channel for our Wonder Zone Holiday Club videos - stories, cooking, drama and experiments


Memory Lane: Previous Holiday Clubs at Howard Memorial Church

1992: The Chocolate Factory
1993: Light Factory
1994: Shipshapes
1995: On Fire
1996: Chatta Box
1997: Going Bananas
1998: Scarecrows
1999: Megaquest
2000: Go for Gold
2001: Ready Steady Go (one day event)
2002: Light Factory (repeat)
2003: Desert Detectives
2004: Jungle Jamboree
2005: Landlubbers
2006: Pyramid Rock
2007: Wastewatchers
2008: Starship Discovery
2009: Showstoppers
2010: Rocky's Plaice
2011: Mission Rescue
2012: On Your Marks
2013: Space Academy
2014: Cops and Robbers
2015: Party People
2016: Epic Explorers
2017: Fly High!
2018: The Adventure Cruise
2019: Junior Heroes
2020: Breakout2020!
2021: Wonder Zone!

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